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History and what we offer, After running the web site BVIVACATION.COM for many years the President Wesley A. Potter was tired of so many visitors to the Virgin Islands being inconvenienced by travel arrangement to natures little secrets. This Problem was especially greater in getting to and from the smaller island and visitors flying into the St Thomas USVI and trying to get into the British Virgin Islands. Many water taxi companies were present in the British Virgin Islands but they were hard to contact and tourist didn't know which one would give the most affordable water taxi price because of where the boats were housed. Basically if you understand the British Virgin Islands, st John and St.Thomas it wouldn't make much sense if your in Virgin Gorda wanting to travel to Anegada to call a water taxi service based on St thomas. st thomas water taxi Reliability Versatility Knowledge of the Virgin Islands Courteous Efficient Affordable What we have done, BVI Water Taxi contacted and evaluated water taxi companies to offer the most effective price they could and managed the individual companies as a single business. This gave us the versatility and reliability to deal with changes by guests or unexpected malfunction by boats. On June 5th 2010 BVI Water taxi was born


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